Veterinary Pharmacy

Access medications quickly with our fully-stocked pharmacy for your pet's convenience.

We strive to take the stress, hassle and burden out of pet ownership. For your convenience and peace-of-mind, we also have a fully-stocked pharmacy here at our hospital so that you can get your pet’s medications and therapeutic drugs as soon as possible.

What kinds of medications do you offer at your pharmacy?

We provide all of the dog and cat antibiotics, flea preventions, intestinal parasite prevention and tick prevention your pet needs. At Downtown Animal Hospital, we maintain a supply of common medications pets require, we also have more specialized medications available when required. Our fully stocked pharmacy will provide your dog or cat with state-of-the-art antibiotics, flea prevention, intestinal parasite prevention, and tick prevention.

What other pet care products do you have at the pharmacy?

We carry a range of pet food. Prescription foods are available for pets with specific illnesses. Life stage diets are also available for healthy, young, adult and senior dogs and cats. You can also use our Online Store option and have your pet’s food delivered right to your home!

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