Spaying and Neutering

Surgery with the most benefits – including reducing your pet’s risk for certain health issues.

Making sure that your cat or dog is properly spayed or neutered is an essential step in being a responsible pet owner. These procedures, also known as “being altered”, involves removing the sexual organs necessary for reproduction. It also helps to remove the desire and distractions driven by hormonal urges.

What are the benefits of spaying and neutering?

These procedures prevent overpopulation, unwanted breeding and overcrowding at humane shelters. If done early enough, they can also help prevent aggression and some medical issues such as infections in the uterus and testicular cancer. At Downtown Animal Hospital, we offer both laser and traditional spaying and neutering.

How old should a cat or dog be before they are neutered/spayed?

A consultation with one of our veterinarians will help determine the best time for your cat or dog to undergo their procedure. On average, we recommend that animals be spayed or neutered before they reach sexual maturity. For cats, this usually happens at 7 to 9 months of age and for dogs, this usually occurs at around 7 to 10 months of age.

If you have any questions or would like more information about these procedures, please give us a call at 613-634-2440.

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