Assessments and treatments to help your pet recover from injuries.

Rehabilitation is a wonderful way to reduce pain, speed recovery, and enhance the quality of life for your pet. Please call us to schedule your next appointment where we can discuss the right rehabilitation plan for your loyal companion.

What kinds of conditions can dog/cat/pet rehabilitation treat?

Your pet’s veterinarian may recommend or prescribe rehabilitation for several reasons. Often, rehab can help your pet recover faster from certain surgical procedures and injuries. It can also help reduce pain and symptoms associated with chronic conditions like arthritis, gait irregularities, swelling and circulation problems, tendonitis, and many more.

What types of rehabilitation treatments are available for dogs/cats/pets?

These days, rehab can be performed in many ways, using different types of techniques and technologies. The most common types of rehab options for pets include: physical exercises, massage therapy, water therapy and low-level laser.

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