A less invasive surgery method with a quicker recovery time.

By preventing overpopulation and unwanted breeding, as well as providing several health benefits, spays and neuters are a must for all responsible pet owners. At Downtown Animal Hospital, we are devoted to less painful, less invasive spays and neuters, because our patients deserve the very best. We offer Laparoscopy as an option to traditional scalpel surgery, for less pain for your loyal companion.

What is laparoscopy?

In Laparoscopy, we use a fibre optic telescope and camera in order to visualize different areas within a patient. With these incredible tools, we can explore and perform surgical procedures and obtain biopsies within your pet’s abdomen and bladder. We can also examine and obtain biopsies from your pet’s nasal cavity. Studies have shown abdominal surgery using this technology to be 66% less painful for your pet.

This is a wonderful minimally invasive technique, and represents the future of veterinary surgical care. Laparoscopy is used in human medicine in nearly every single instance where it can eliminate the need for open abdominal surgery. The most common laparoscopic surgical procedure performed in our hospital is a spay, and we are excited to be among the first clinics in Canada to offer the option of a laparoscopic spay to our clients.

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