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Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Arthritis is one of the many diseases that dogs, cats and pets are likely to develop as they enter their senior years. At our practice, we offer different types of treatments that can help manage your pet’s pain and discomfort, and alleviate any of the other symptoms of arthritis. If you have any further inquiries about arthritis not addressed on this page, please contact our team at 613.634.2440.

What treatment options do you have for arthritis in dogs/cats/pets?

Our physiotherapy, medicinal, and alternative therapies can help older dogs and cats with arthritis. We provide individualized care for sore hips, joints, elbows, backs, and torn cruciate ligaments.

What is hip dysplasia in pets and how is it treated?

Hip dysplasia is a deformity of your pet’s hip, causing their hip joints to rub against each other. Over time, this causes deterioration and loss of function of their hips. It is often seen in larger dogs, but smaller dogs can also develop the condition. Because it is a genetic illness, it’s important to use screening radiographs for hip dysplasia in puppyhood. If the hips are found to be abnormal, there is a lot that we can do in order to prevent or limit the painful consequences of arthritis in your pet.

Helpful Resource

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